Monday, July 12, 2010

The Saint George Cannery:

The Saint George Cannery:
I called the cannery expecting to make a several month's out appointment, as is normally the case.  I was met with surprise, as there were open appointments all through July and August.  They said they are super slow right now with appointments and other than Saturday, they are pretty open.  This is a big surprise to have the cannery so slow.  The missionary told me she thought that there were several conditions adding to the decline of use of the facility:  summer vacations, financial concerns, and complacency. 
Financial concerns should not stop food storage efforts.  These prices, especially on wheat and rice are the best I have seen in years.  Cooking with whole foods is very inexpensive and so consider beginning to learn to use these items in your everyday cooking and then build a storage.  Also, if the process of dry pack canning is new to you--you are not alone.  A lot of people have never dry packed.  That is why they have service missionaries there to help you learn.  Our first time was a learning experience.  However, it goes very quickly.  We had a 2 hour block and did over 120 cans of food or 20 cases.  We didn't have enough room to take them all home in one trip so they held on to them (had us mark our names on them) until we could make the return trip in a couple hours or so (I recommend sharing efforts with someone that has a truck!)  I would recommend you schedule your appointments with 4 adult or youth members.  One stamps labels and prepares cans for canning.  One fills the cans.  One seals the cans.  One boxes the cans.  It's a really great family or youth activity.  When you can see how your "assembly line" efforts work quickly and efficiently, you really enjoy it, especially if you are helping others with their food storage needs. 
For those not interested in packing your own cans, they are selling pre-packed cans by the case of:  wheat, rice, quick oats and pinto beans.  The cost is very reasonable ($29.30 for pinto beans, $13.25 for oats, $20.20 rice, $17.50 hard red wheat, and the starter kit (great idea for families--by the church standards one of these per person per month) $20.25 (has two wheat, two rice, one oat and one pinto bean).  These need no appointment and can be picked up and paid for at any time the storehouse is open.  Call for hours.
The prices are good through July and they do expect a price change sheet soon and do not know where prices will be.  They may stay the same or change a bit.  It is always inexpensive and really, in my opinion, a blessing to us to be able to can foods at such reasonable prices.  You can make appointments by calling: 1-435-673-3491.  The cannery is located at: 516 North 1400 East, Saint George.  Best way to get there is to take the St. George Blvd. Exit  (exit 8) and turn left onto St. George Blvd.  Go a short block over the overpass to 1000 East and turn right onto 1000 East and then right onto Highland Drive.  This takes you in a 1/3 mile to 1400 East.  Turn left onto 1400 East.  It is one block further on 1400 East, turn right.  The dry pack cannery is on the right side of the building and is a side door entrance. 
Please don't let a golden opportunity to begin pass you by. 

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